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Day 88 Tuesday October 25, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on October 25, 2011

Reading the tabs titled “An Introduction”, “Background” and “About” will help you know what this blog is about. You can track my 11-point star quilting project progress from day one to today.

Date: Day 88  Tuesday October 25, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  I glued the final large diamond paper pattern pieces together

Books:  Title: #14 — A Prisoner of Birth —  Author: Jeffrey Archer — # of Discs:  13– Listening hours: 16 hours 30 minutes

Book Comments: no listening today



Observations: Today was what I call a slough-off day where I time seemed wasted.

Prayer: Lord, I have a full week, help me to make the most of my time to have a meaningful, pleasant week.


Diversions: I rose earlier than I wanted and saw H off on a business trip. I did some stock research and email. I had a 10:00 appointment (left at 9:30). I stopped at Sears and got back about 11:30. I took care of some bills and balanced a statement. I practiced my music for a while. A plumber came to snake out a toilet and the roofer came to replace a couple of shingles lost in high winds. Waiting for these people was part of why I felt some of my time was wasted. I have band practice tonight.


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Day 77 Friday October 14, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on October 14, 2011

Reading the tabs titled “An Introduction”, “Background” and “About” will help you know what this blog is about. You can track my 11-point star quilting project progress from day one to today.

Date: Day 77  Friday October 14, 2011

Project Accomplishments: Yeah! I actually touched my 11-point star project today. I put together, with glue,  two of the large diamond tiled patterns. I almost ruined one but was able to correct my mistake.

Books:  Title: #14 —  —  Author:  — # of Discs:  — Listening hours:

Book Comments: no new one today



Observations: I felt somewhat better today but am not over my cold. If you were betting when I would get back to my 11-point star project, and you chose today, congratulations, you win

Prayer: Gracious Lord, thank you for this day. It was good to get the tomatoes done. Thank you for the food you provide through the work of our farmers. Bless the farmers as they reach the end of the Michigan growing season. Grant that people who have the means, help provide food for those in need. Bless my family. Give each a pleasant day tomorrow, one they recognize as special.

Diversions: The doodle quilt sample block is done. I added some surface circle and amoeba appliqué shapes. I peeled and cooked tomatoes made and canned juice. I set some bread dough out to rise. A nap in front of the TV was also part of my day

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Day 5 Wednesday August 3, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

Date: Wednesday August 3, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  I worked all day on test center. Cut fabric pieces, as they were needed and marked sewing lines. Adhered templates to fabric with glue stick and used an iron to press seams lines to conform to templates. Sewing went well. I got a handle on how to make final center. Using an appliqué approach, I joined the pieces.

Books:  As above


Tools:  Gingher embroidery scissors, Fiskars 6” soft touch titanium nitride ergonomic scissors, Rowenta steam iron, Sew Line fabric glue stick and mechanical pencil for fabric with white lead, Niagara spray starch (by Phoenix Brands), paint brush to apply starch The CrafTistic Basic Board (a non-skid surface for marking outlines of templates and more)

The CrafTistic brand no longer exists. It is a sandpaper covered board and thee are other brands available.

Diversions: I had few diversions because husband was in Indianapolis, IN at a conference. I worked late into the morning hours.

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Day 25 Tuesday August 23, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

Date: Tuesday August 23, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  Researched whether I could get Paper Solvy in larger sheets it was not available. I glued two pages together (see observations below) and printed four pages with three patterns on each page. Finished Fray Checking remaining fine star point fabric pieces. I began placing pieces on pattern in preparation for sewing and did sew first two parts on. Then I decided to sew on reverse side of pattern as Paper Solvy was not as transparent as tracing paper and I could not see the sewing lines through to the back. Tomorrow I will remove stitches and re-do those parts. Fortunately, the seams are just a few stitches long.

Book:  Title: #5 Bridge of Sighs

Comments: disc 6 and 7

Exercise:  Walked on treadmill for 10 minutes.

Tools:  Paper Solvy water-soluble Stabilizer by Sulky

Fabric Glue Stick by Prym (Dritz)

Observations:  I need 8 ½” by 14” paper to print the fine star point patterns. The Solvy paper is 8 ½” by 11” and not available larger. I tested taping two sheets together, trimming them to size and then printing. The ink smeared on the tape and I did not want to deal with getting tape off later. To get past this, I used a water-soluble glue stick and, overlapping two sheets of paper by about ½”, glued two together. I then trimmed the page to 14” long. I dry ironed the glue seam to e sure the glue dried.  On my printer, they printed fine. For fine work I prefer the Sew Line glue stick, it is smaller, neater and smoother but for this application I used the Fabric Glue Stick because it is wider.

Prayer: Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened. I pray that I will always remember to talk to You, Lord and keep a dialogue going.

Diversions: Carol is bringing her quilt over so I can take it to MSU tomorrow to have it photographed for Marsha MacDowell. I visited with Carol. I practiced church music. I made a batch of Czechoslovakia cookies. I have a ‘greet new members’ Lansing Area Patchers guild meeting tonight. I just signed up to

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