From Procrastination to Completion


Just adding this word, prayer, is controversial anymore but here it is. I added this category to my blog about the middle of the first month. You will find the daily prayers added in this page.

Day 956: I want to trust in You but I doubt so much. Give me peace of mind to trust in You in all things. Give me the health I need to serve in the role you set out for me. Give me patience too, I pray. Heal and resolve bodily issues or give strength to endure. Guide me always and I will do my best.

Day 22: Lord, I give the work of my hands and mind up to your guidance. Guide me so I see this quilting project through to a successful end. I pray that the work of my hands pleases you.

Day 23: I trust in your ways Lord. As a song in church today said, “many are the blessings he bears to those who trust in his ways. Thank you for all your blessings, past present and future.

Day 24: May my actions today be only to honor You and all with whom I come in contact.

Day 25: Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened. I pray that I will always remember to talk to You, Lord and keep a dialogue going.

Day 26: Lord, You are forever kind. Let me be kind to someone today.

Day 27: I pray my day is productive. Guide my actions and interactions. Bless my children and give them and their families an excellent day, a day they recognize as special.

Day 28: In five days, university classes will begin. I pray that you, Lord, help professors teach to their full potential. I pray too that students great the new year with enthusiasm which permeates through to the end of the school year.

Day 29: You have revealed to me a beautiful, sunny day. May I always appreciate the beauty of nature. Others, today, are suffering from the threats that hurricane weather brings. Be with those people and assuage their distress.

Day 30: Lord, I thank you for my health, wealth and happiness. I pray I will always give thanks for what I have.

Day 31: It is late today. I talked to you this morning and can not remember my words! You have given me a good day of work and accomplishments. I thank you and ask for your continued blessings.

Day 32: It isn’t early morning Lord but it still is morning and although it is a gray morning, I greet the day with anticipation that all thing, blessed by You, are possible. Please give me the talents and fortitude I need to make what I accomplish suitable to you. I ask that I always be a blessing to others.

Day 33: Lord, you know how many things I already have on my list today. You knew even before I began writing. I thank you for your guidance and ask blessings on all those with which I come in contact today.

Day 34: Lord, I ask you to bless my children and grand children with health and happiness. I ask you guide them so that they always contribute positively to society as a whole. Be with me today and guide my music practice and the work I do on my eleven-point star project. Nudge Liz to enter the apple recipe contest!

Labor Day Holiday Prayer: You already know that I have suggested this idea to my financial planner. He said our nation needs some debt, just not so much debt. So this social media blog post is for anyone reading this blog and get them thinking about this concept too.

I pray that our nation’s business “bail out” our government. I pray that You help spur a movement where businesses band together and contribute a percentage of their revenues to our nation’s debt and do it out of concern for our nation’s financial stability. To spare the nation of all the “How Tos and What Ifs,” maybe, Lord,  the only recognition would be the company name on a wall of honor.

There are many philanthropic organizations established by businesses. This seems to be an extension of that model. But, Lord, what do I know. I am just minor player in the huge game of government and politics. Nudge major players, niggle their minds with this concept and help push this minor player’s idea into a realistic concept.

DAy 35: Yesterday, Lord, was interesting. I struggled with getting photos into the blog. You know how many times I repeated the process. After I was done with the photos, I did my daily blog and realized I had not prayed. Things went much better in the afternoon. Thanks for a good afternoon. Today, I pray for people who are winding up the summer season by enjoying a holiday weekend gathering. I hope all celebrate with the knowledge of how a good summer of visiting people and nature came from you. I pray that our nation too. That our political leaders will work together to the benefit of our nation instead of for themselves.

Day 36: Yesterday, Lord, was interesting. I struggled with getting photos into the blog. You know how many times I repeated the process. After I was done with the photos, I did my daily blog and realized I had not prayed. Things went much better in the afternoon. Thanks for a good afternoon. Today, I pray for people who are winding up the summer season by enjoying a holiday weekend gathering. I hope all celebrate with the knowledge of how a good summer of visiting people and nature came from you. I pray that our nation too. That our political leaders will work together to the benefit of our nation instead of for themselves.

Day 37: The words to music sometimes augment prayer and today these words seemed right today, “May love be the sun shining in our darkness. May love fill the lives of our children. May love be our strength to live a life of justice. May love be our call to live in thy kingdom.

Day 38: I had so much to do I should have taken time to pray and done so early, when I got up. May I always remember to speak to you each morning.

Day 39:  This morning Lord, I sent my husband off to work and charged him to “have a wonderful day” and he thought I said, yes, “Everyday is wonderful.” I did agree with him because it is true. Each day given to us is wonderful. May I make the most of this day and I hope whatever I do be pleasing to You. Bless my husband and do give him a wonder full day.

Day 40:  This morning, when I first looked out my window, a hummingbird was gathering nectar at the red salvias in my yard. What a beautiful sight, your nature is Lord. I ask that my own nature show that beauty too. I pray that I am always a pleasant person.

Day 41:    Today I pray for peace of mind. You know the important decisions that are being made and I need your guidance

Day 42: Lord, you have given me so very much in life. I thank you. Although I will never know, I would like to know how you select what you do give and what you deny.

Day 43: Bless all those dear to me. Keep them in your care. Guide them through each day.

Day 44: It is evening Lord. I got up late and rushed to get to church and on to other activities. This evening, I thank you for an enjoyable day of working outside. I pray I always appreciate the beautiful nature you have put before me. I ask your blessings on my family. Please give them a restful sleep. Thank you too for the decent job of playing trumpet today.

Day 45: I ask for an absolutely wonderful day at work for my husband, one that he recognizes as a good day.

Day 46: Yesterday was not bad but some things were annoying. Lord, do you skew Mondays to make things go awray? Or, is it just our own influences that cause challenges? I pray today that you guide my hands so that what ever I touch will be what you want them to do. Let my mind be forgiving. Let my eyes see the wonders you have made and let my feet take me in the right direction.

Day 47: You know, Lord, that this morning I review what I wanted to accomplish today. I asked for a great day for my husband. I didn’t ask you to guide me but you were there anyway and I had a good day. Thank you.

Day 48: Lord, this is what I would call our first fall day. It is sunny, cool, and windows open, I can let in the world. Bless the world with peace. Dispel greed and help the politicians work in unity. – Ah, but this is probably too much to ask.

Day 49: I’ve gotten along pretty good today without praying but, Lord, I just think it could be so much better if I said a few words to thank you for your presence, even when I don’t acknowledge you and thank you for all goodness and blessings You bestow on me. I do that now. Thank You.

Day 50: This writing down my prayer everyday, Lord, is new to me and sometimes I don’t know how to pray. There is so much to ask for and so much to give thanks for. I do give thanks for all good that is in the world and that part which you have given me. Today, in particular, I ask for an enjoyable, productive and safe day of work outside.

Day 51: Today Teresa would have been 32. I got a small birthday cake. Lord, I hope heaven is true. You know my private prayers. For people who need your guidance through sickness, be with them, give them courage to the end.

Day 52: Thank you for a rainy day, it often makes me want to get household chores complete. Although I would rather be working on this project.

Day 53: Thank you for a busy, productive day I got many good things done. Bless my family members and me with restful sleep.

Day 54:  It is afternoon and I simply need to ask you for direction. Guide my mind, hands and feet to accomplish what I set out to do. Thank you for an enjoyable morning. I should have prayed earlier!

Day 55: I ask for safe travels for my sons as they “to and fro” in the next few days. I thank you for their visits and for all they do for me.

Day 56: If you could see your way to making this a nice weekend instead of a rainy one, I would appreciate it. If you can, Do it for H.

Day 57: This public, daily prayer is foreign to me Lord and sometimes I wonder for what to ask. You have given me so very much already. Now, as I age, it seems that you begin to take away. Nothing we receive on earth will last when we pass I only ask to make me a kinder, gentler, more loving person. Thanks for the nice day to work outside.

Day 58: Thank you Lord, for the visit from my sons. It does not happen often. Give them safe travels home in the coming week.

Day 59: Lord, adjust my sadness about the departing of my company turn it into happiness for the time they were able to spend here.

Day 60: I ask for safe travels and happy returns for my family travelers today. May today be pleasant and as restful as possible.

Day 61: You know my day started in earnest to get a quilt sample done before having to discuss it with a group of quilters. I did get it done and did discuss it. You guided me and you know I did not take time to pray. I pray I always to remember to talk to you at the break of the day. It will help set the mood for the day.

Day 62: Oh Lord, as I begin this day, guide my actions and make my decisions sound. Let me get enough done to feel productive and on track. Let me be a blessing to whomever I meet.

Day 63: Lord, I would like to get the next two doll quilts done today. Guide my needles and accurately speed me along. Bless my family and keep them healthy and happy.

Day 64:  Today I hope to meet some interesting, enthusiastic quilters. I pray that our work is pleasing to you. Bless my family and find it in your heart to bless them with meaningful work, love and contentment.

Day 65: This is the last day I will give myself to work on doll quilts. I pray I finish those I have begun. I will work outside today so guide my work in the evening. Bless those who are near to me with a day they recognize as special and meaningful.

Thanks for my getting the mowing done. I am sore tonight. I ask that H and I catch up with the outside work at the lot. Wood has to be piled and brush has to be cut up. Work with us Lord to make catch-up possible.

Day 66: I prayed before I got out of bed Lord. I must have asked for the right things because I got a lot done today. Thank you for a productive day

Day 67: Before I even got out of bed today, You knew Lord, what I had on my list of things to do today. I got the primary one done, but not until late. I thank you for your generosity. I ask that you continue to bless us with health, wealth and happiness. I never would ask for money, I do ask for the abilities necessary to provide for our needs.

Day 68: It is evening and I am now just getting around to prayer. Forgive me for delaying a conversation with you. Help me to begin each day in conversation with you. Thank you for a beautiful fall day of sunshine and gradually changing fall colors. I ask that tomorrow bring joys unexpected. I ask blessings on all who I love.

Day 69: .Thank you for keeping me and others safe from harm today. I really need help with a perplexing situation. I ask that this situation be resolved to an understandable result.

Day 70: Lord, when things are going well, it is easy not to pray and hard to develop meaningful prayer. Today I pray that the efforts I put into advertising will bring rewarding book orders. You know my web order address but to those who read this prayer, it is fcp123.com. Thank you for always being a thought away.

Day 71:  I ask that s I work outside today, I take time to appreciate the nature around me. I ask that I complete the task and am satisfied I am ready for late fall. At end of day, Lord, I thank you for getting all I had planned done outside. There is more to do but it was a good beginning.

Day 72: I could not seem to get myself going today my sleep, disturbed by odd and vivid dreams, although enough hours, was not restful. I ask for a restful sleep this evening.

Day 73: I would like to wrap up some activities so that I can again focus on the 11-point star. Help my efforts with the doodle quilt project “click” and come nicely together. Thank you for a good night sleep last night and a mostly uninterrupted workday.

Day 74: Lord, for guiding me on the doodle quilt, I thank you. It is indeed coming together better than I thought it would yesterday. I am not sure I like the project but it is not finished yet. I ask that in the end, it was worth doing. Bless my family, children and grand children and daughters-in-law. Give them a particularly enjoyable day tomorrow.

Day 75: As I wind down to retire for the evening, I thank you for both a day with quilting friends and time to work on quilting design. I ask that what I do be pleasing to you. Guide my decisions, my hands and my eyes.

Day 76: You always know everything and know I have a virus and probably an infection. There are many sicker people in the world. Care for them, give them peace and healing or see them quickly to your kingdom. I ask that you make my illness short-lived. Thank you for a productive day.

Day 77: Gracious Lord, thank you for this day. It was good to get the tomatoes done. Thank you for the food you provide through the work of our farmers. Bless the farmers as they reach the end of the Michigan growing season. Grant that people who have the means, help provide food for those in need. Bless my family. Give each a pleasant day tomorrow, one they recognize as special.

Day 78: Today, all the wrong buttons were pushed and the outcome was tense. Help me to communicate clearly and without frustration and have resolution.

Day 79:  Today Lord, you listened to many prayers and petitions. I ask that you grant those that further your divine will. I ask that you help me to be a better person each day so that I can be a blessing to others.

Day 80: I do feel better today. Thanks for that. I ask that my research and correspondence today will be fruitful in the future. Bless C & J on their news of a new baby and give them a healthy, happy baby.

Day 81: We have an opportunity to enjoy a couple couples this weekend. Please heal us so we recover from our colds and can entertain and be entertained with good company and cheer. Heal other people who are ill so they too can also enjoy others.

Day 82:  Bless, with wisdom and understanding,  the doctors who look after us. Guide their decisions. Help their patients heal as quickly as possible. Your hand in this healing is always welcome.

Day 83: When I clean and make the house look good, it is my opportunity to show you how much I appreciate the beautiful home you have seen fit to be in my life. Cleaning is a way of thanking you Lord, because I keep it as nice as it was when you gave it. I hope it is pleasing in your eyes. Help me to finish, early, what I did not get today.

Day 84: I am having a coughing fit. What is going on with this cold? I feel good most of the day and then have bouts of coughing. But, you know this. I have not had a cold for a long time this is a reminder to me to be thankful for health. Help those who are ill to heal.

Day 85: It was a crisp, beautiful fall day. This is a thank you for the day and thank you for being able to work outside on such a nice day. I ask that I am able to work with H and get the leaves cleaned up in Mason.

Dau 86: Lord, you kept us safe in our work. Thank you for that. When we work, continue to keep us safe.

Day 87: Lord, I have a full week, help me to make the most of my time to have a meaningful, pleasant week.

Day 88: Lord, I have a full week, help me to make the most of my time to have a meaningful, pleasant week.

Day 89: I feel my cold is winding down. Bless me with health and happiness.

Day 90: Thank you for another birthday for H. I ask that you bless him throughout the year. Give him peace, happiness, success, love, pleasure and beauty in his life. Tomorrow is the Grand Sousa concert. I would like you to guide my every action and make the music I play pleasing to all who hear me play and especially to you. Make my fingers fly to each correct note and my eyes see quickly and deftly, my ears aware of everything I need to listen for and to and make my tone beautiful.

Day 91: For an enjoyable day on Friday, I thank you. For my few-measure solo, I did fine and I thank you for that. Continue to guide my music endeavors and help me to play above my expected level.

Day 92:  Thank you for my beautiful home. I ask that wherever I go, I am able to put touches on my residence that make it inviting and homey.

Day 93: Is Sunday your busy prayer day? Or, do people pray on a regular basis? I know I will not get an answer to these questions but I do wonder. H and I made some important decisions today. I pray that these are according to your will and that our subsequent actions are pleasing to you and work out to be the right decisions

Day 94: All Hallows is a day to remember the dead. Many special people have passed through my life. Bless those people who have touched my life. I pray they are with you. On my judgment day, I pray that I am worthy to join the ranks that see your face.

Day 95: The homily at church today was very effective. Fr. Joe got the people in the front rows to join hands and circle those still sitting. He said that those people were like saints that we cannot see but surrounded us everyday, guiding and watching out for us. It was a short but very effective homily. Lord, I thank you for all the saints that surround me each day and ask that they guide my every action and protect and bless me on my way.

Day 96:  Once I  heard that if the devil cannot get you to sin, the devil would keep you busy. The devil must have an influence over me. I seem always to be busy. I would like to focus on activities that please you, others and me. Lord, help me to focus my time on things that have the most meaning and longest life.

Day 97: So many people do wonderful quilting design and sewing projects. I pray that you bless me with talent and vision so that my work is recognized as really good work.

Day 98: You know that bridge H has said he has always wanted to build? Why has it taken so long? I do not want to start on this project again and not finish it. I pray we work together and assemble the parts to get the job finished. It will be a great accomplishment that I pray he can do and he enjoys.

Day 99:I pray we are making progress on H’s bridge project. Guide each step so that we do not waste materials or time. Let us work efficiently together. Except for the yesterday and today, I don’t think I have talked to you about this project. I think I should have sooner.

Day 100: Day 101: Lord, help me to recognize which projects are most important and to focus on those each day. This gray, long day helped me spend time in extended concentration. Thanks.

Day 102: Thank you for the solution to drilling parallel holes in a curved surface. It makes the project doable. It is so much simpler than all the other solutions that have run through my mind. I pray that all goes well as H and I make the twelve sections.

Day 103: Just when I think I have figured things out, there is a next step to take. I pray you guide me to a solution.

Day 104: I pray that, with your help, I can keep H focused on bridge construction.

Day 105: It was good to get the first draft of the color wheel project printed. Thank you. Please keep me on track for next Wednesday so I have some preliminary editions completed. Bless H and keep him in our care.

Day 106: Thank you for what I accomplished Saturday. Bless my efforts and make them worthwhile

Day 107: I pray that when I participate in church music, you bless mine and other’s participation. Always help us do our very best and let us inspire the congregation.

Day 108: Lord, I pray that the notebook is accepted and helpful to a variety of people.

Day 109: Thank you for a sunny day. I ask that all that I do today be pleasing to you.

Day 110: Today I thank you Lord for the opportunity to “sign books.” It was unexpected that I was included in the group of authors and LCC was glad I contacted them. I ask that I have more opportunities like that.

Day 111: Keep me motivated to do my best in music. Give me the desire to practice more.

Day 112: Thank you for the cooking skills that I learned in life. Help me to nourish myself and others so we stay healthy and productive.

Day 113: Lord, you gave me a productive day and I thank you. Let what I do be pleasing to you.

Day 114: Lord, you have created so very many talented people. I pray that I, in some way am one of those and that I contribute positively to society as a whole.

Day 115: There were moments of this Monday that were frustrating but in the end, I accomplished what I set out to do. I pray that I not to get frustrated when encountering problems.

Day 116:You are so wonderful, Lord. You gave me the ability to make a purse without a pattern. I ask that you continue to bless me with skills and abilities.

Day 117: Thanks Lord for modern conveniences like the electric steam iron. Tools like that make life easier. Help me to remember to be cognizant of and thankful for people who invented products that have made my life easier.

Days 118 – 124: Thanks to you Lord for food for the table. Thank you for all the people who grow it. Thank you for our harvest may our abundance feed people throughout the world.


Day 125: I accomplished a lot today. Thank you. I just ask that I not waste my time in frivolous activities. Help H and I to make informed decisions as we move to the next phase of our lives.


Day 126: It was a nice sunny day. Thanks. Care fore me Lord. Make it possible for me to continue, in various ways, being able to teach and enjoy quilting. Guide H and I to make sound future decisions .

Day 127:


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