From Procrastination to Completion

An Introduction

An Introduction

I began charting the days for this blog before I knew how to blog. My learning curve began sometime in mid July and I am a new blogger as of  August 27, 2011.

You will note words in color as you read through this blog. They are links to definitions and product web sites. If you have an interest in any of these, click on the word and get more information.

This page is longer than daily successive posts will be because it gives  information that led to a renewal of activities on a project set aside quite a while ago. Activities began anew on  July 31, 2011 and became the focus of this blog.

This procrastination project is quilting related but in general, the approach used for any complex project, will help in getting you from start to finish or, as this blog is titled, From Procrastination to Completion. I thought about using a blog only after giving a lecture and workshop to a guild about a couple of my successful projects. For one of those projects, I wrote down diversions that took my attention away from the project. It worked to keep me focused on that project that later went on to win two blue ribbons. The talk included discussions of projects that I started and then set aside because of diversions.

The diversions took various shapes. Sometimes tedium of the repetitive process caused the departure. At times, a more interesting activity came along. Lack of knowhow and need for new skills caused some stops. At times daily activities just plain took my attention away from a project and then my attention did not return to the goal. Or, I just plain procrastinated, which means to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice.

As part of the guild presentation, mentioned above, I passed out goal cards on which attendees could write one quilting related goal. I then encouraged them to take steps to begin achieving that particular goal. However, I did not expect such immediate response. One attendee, the very next day, travelled to another state to continue research on family history. She said I inspired her to continue her quest, when she ran into a roadblock that delayed her research. I was first impressed by making an almost immediate impact and second by the fact that I had influenced a project outside quilting. 

My blog might potentially reach more people than were at my presentation. In addition, it will help me complete the current project, which I will be blogging about daily.

If my blogging does not reach out to others, the blog will be my diary of what I accomplished, the tools I used, observations I made and the time I spent each day on my project. Or, it will say what diverted me. And, it is hoped, the blog will go daily to the completion my quilting project and goal—and perhaps beyond—I’ll see!

From time to time, I will post some photos, especially if there are questions and I hope, keep readers in suspense! – Will I be back to say what I have worked on today? If I did not work on my blog project, why didn’t I? What good things will come out of this blog? Will I manage to reach my goal? What is my goal? How do I manage challenges along the way?

In summary, this blog, Initiated because I wanted a new approach to completing a complex project, will help me keep my focus on completion, prevent procrastination that occurs and perhaps influence others to complete a project they set aside or want to begin and finish.

I listen to books on CD when I work because I experience long hours of working alone. I will list the books and the hours each took. Perhaps I will add an opinion about the book.

I will talk about exercise that I have decided to do during this project and the effects of the exercise. I am not young but am healthy. I am overweight and I do not get enough exercise, especially when I work projects that do not require a lot of activity.

A list of tools I use that day (and have not listed earlier) will appear and may help others know what helps me in quilting. I will add a web address to find that tool.

I hope other’s blog comments will entertain and inspire me on my way. Perhaps I will be able to educate or inspire others through this process. Much of what I do is teaching other quilters.

You need some background about the project, which will be the focus of my daily blog. Click on the tab at the top of this blog to read the background for this blog project.


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