From Procrastination to Completion



I am a quilter, quilt teacher, quilt book author and have given presentations to quilting guilds. I have taught various aspects of quilting periodically for about twenty years. A couple of these included a series of classes on Civil War blocks and the stories that inspired those blocks. This was through MSU Adult Continuing Education and MSU Spartan Quilters. Another was a monthly series of classes on Quilt-as-You-Go for Christmas-themed blocks at a local quilt shop. One of my favorite was a series of classes on Bargello quilts made from scrap fabric strips. Topics included had and machine piecing, applique, hand quilting and crazy-patch methods.

The book, Quilted Star and Logo Banner, published in 2008 was my first self-published book and an exciting accomplishment. My second quilting book, Crazy for Lemoyne, published in 2010, also an exciting process, was easier to complete. The Big Color Wheel Combinations Handbook (2012), my third book, is a resource for finding color combinations that work well together. This book focuses not only on color choices quilters make but also on color choices made by anyone who works in a career where color selection is part of daily decisions. Fourth and fifth books (2013) include the Illustrated Hail Mary Prayer Book and a companion coloring book. The coloring book is a teaching tool for children but anyone who likes to color might enjoy it too. The prayer book provides pictorial meditation for each phrase of the prayer. I have known many quilters who appreciate a prayer in time of need. People who are unaware of the quilt world appreciate a prayer too. It is a purse size book and makes a delightful gift.

The Michigan State University Spartan Quilters, a group I helped found in about 1989, and the Lansing Area Patchers are quilting groups to which I belong. I have only won one best-of-show ribbon but there is hope for the future.


Full-Circle-Publications is my company and is in its sixth year. I sell on-line and at quilt show venues. My books and associated products are my wares. My sales web site is www.fcp123.com or www.full-circle-publications.com .

Completed in 1993, my graphic design degree came from Lansing Community College, in Michigan and my Bachelor degree in business, completed in 1985, came from Radford University in Virginia.

Sometimes, grandiose quilt design ideas come to mind and I do a great deal of the work it takes to develop the idea for that project idea (which is usually complex).

Then, when I run into a roadblock because I do not know how to do a step in the process or any of life’s demands interrupts the project process, I set the project aside. Believing I will think through the issue that stopped the process and again focus on the project, I set the project aside thinking the enthusiasm that initiated it will return and I will resume and implement my idea. This procrastination that I have experienced has delayed a number of my projects, into which I have already put numerous hours.

I designed a “modern art” quilt and put many hours into that design. It was probably the most complex quilting project I did but I saw it from start to finish. Along the way, I wrote notes about what diverted my attention from that project, which actually kept my attention on the project. Although I did not achieve my intended goal, it won two blue ribbons and a best of show at quilt shows.

After that, I designed another complex quilt based on a concept within a book I self-polished. I spent hours developing the design, shopping for and purchasing fabrics for the quilt. I scanned fabrics and placed them in the design to see how it would look. I made patterns and tested them. When one of the elements was difficult to make and I was not happy with the sample, I set the whole project aside. For approximately two years, I stored the fabric and patterns in a project basket.

Then I gave a presentation about self-publishing and in the writing of it, I discovered that I did procrastinate. I talked about this in my presentation. The very next day, one of the attendees told me she picked up a project and began to finish it.

This pleased and inspired me. I picked up the project that, two years earlier, I had set aside and began to figure out how to get over the roadblocks. I began writing about what I had accomplished each day, the tools I used and more.

This writing is what inspired my bchk.wordpress.com  blog.


P.S. You can see my two self-published books at fcp123.com


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