From Procrastination to Completion

Day 115 Monday November 21, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on November 21, 2011

Reading the tabs titled “An Introduction”, “Background” and “About” will help you know what this blog is about. You can track my 11-point star quilting project progress from day one to today.

Date: Day 115 Monday November 21, 2011

Project Accomplishments: none on 11-point star quilt project today — it has been 28 days since I worked on that project


Books:  Title: #14 — A Prisoner of Birth —  Author:  Jeffrey Archer– # of Discs: 13 — Listening time: 16 hours 30 minutes

Book Comments: no listening today

Exercise: walked the shopping area today

Tools: sewing machine, rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Observations: Some things I did today were not easy as expected nor did they go as quickly as expected. Perseverance rained today and I worked through the problems. I even moved some of the 11-point project pieces around on my work table. – Not too exciting but I touched the project

Prayer: There were moments of this Monday that were frustrating but in the end, I accomplished what I set out to do. I pray that I not to get frustrated when encountering problems.


Diversions: The laundry was part of what I did today but most of the day was used to make a pillow from the cornucopia embroidery I did over the last two days. I had to get some welting for the edges but the pillow turned out pretty good. In the evening, I went to a hymn-sing, where about 20 people participated.


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