From Procrastination to Completion

Day 102 Tuesday November 8, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on November 9, 2011

Reading the tabs titled “An Introduction”, “Background” and “About” will help you know what this blog is about. You can track my 11-point star quilting project progress from day one to today.

Date: Day 102 Tuesday November 8, 2011

Project Accomplishments: none on 11-point star quilt project today — it has been 14 days since I worked on that project

Books:  Title: #14 — A Prisoner of Birth —  Author:  Jeffrey Archer– # of Discs: 13 — Listening time: 16 hours 30 minutes

Book Comments: no listening today

Exercise: I cleaned workshop bench tops, put away, vacuumed, and in general got the wood shop ready for a big job.


Tools: vacuum, saws, hammer, nails, tape measures center punch, centering device, squares, levels, pencils, drills, computer

Observations: I have to weigh the importance of working on bridge building or building my 11-point star quilt project. The bridge started in 2003, when the plans were drawn and finalized then incurred various delays including finding a source to manufacture the beams, building the foundation, bending rails to the bridge beam rise and building the rails with spindles. Each step was delayed for one reason or another including time commitment problems and weather delays too. The 11-point star project began in 2008 after I finished my book. I figure if I can keep H engaged in bridge building that is the best use of time because a lot more money has gone into the bridge than into the quilt. I would like to get them both done and as long as I can keep H going, I will help him with that.

Prayer: Thank you for the solution to drilling parallel holes in a curved surface. It makes the project doable. It is so much simpler than all the other solutions that have run through my mind. I pray that all goes well as H and I make the twelve sections.


Diversions: Today I straightened the workshop and cleared bench surfaces. This is similar to what I do when I start a quilting project (or end one). It seems to foster productivity. Last night, before I went to bed, I had what I call an epiphany. I figured out how to use a drill press and make vertical holes in curved rails. H and I both struggled with how to make them accurately. Today I made the forms to aid in the drilling. I also did some laundry, prepared music for practice tonight and prepared items for tasks tomorrow. After band practice, I worked on the color wheel notebook project. I also did a load of laundry today.


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