From Procrastination to Completion

Day 86 Sunday October 23, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on October 24, 2011

Reading the tabs titled “An Introduction”, “Background” and “About” will help you know what this blog is about. You can track my 11-point star quilting project progress from day one to today.

Date: Day 86  Sunday October 23, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  none on the 11-point star —It looks like I should have a few days this week to get back to my 11-point star project.

Books:  Title: #14 —  —  Author:  — # of Discs:  — Listening hours:

Book Comments: no listening today

Exercise: Worked outside for 5 hours

Tools: pruners, rope, four-pronger, chain, saws, come-along

Observations: Just when you think you cannot do something, you get it done a piece at a time.

Prayer: Lord, you kept us safe in our work. Thank you for that. When we work, continue to keep us safe.


Diversions: Church was the first event of the day. I did not participate in choir or instrumental music today because of my cold. I was an ordinary church-goes sitting in the pews today. Breakfast after church was very good and at home. The highlight of the day was the work completed. I own a dam. I was told prisoners built it many years ago. The creek, which this dam is on, floods one or two times a year and the last flood was the highest I have seen it. Flooding brings tree branches, logs and woodpile wood down the creek. Sometimes these become entangled at the dam. A storm early this summer also brought down large limbs from surrounding trees. It would have been fairly straight forward to tie a rope onto each limb and snake each out with a come-along but a few days before we had scheduled to take them out, it rained and the creek rose to the point that it was no longer a matter of putting on waders. The water becomes deep and quite swift. To loosen twigs and leaves bound together in the water, I have what I call a four-pronger I use to separate them so they float down stream. It has a standard length handle that does not reach to the center of the creek. I duck-taped a ten foot 2×2 to the handle of the four-pronger. H and I began separating and pulling branches toward shore. With the four-pronger, rope and a come-along we worked five hours and cleaned out the dam. Now the collected brush has to be cleaned up!


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