From Procrastination to Completion

Special Thought for the Holiday Weekend

Posted by Beatrice on September 3, 2011

You already know that I have suggested this idea to my financial planner. He said our nation needs some debt, just not so much debt. So this social media blog post is for anyone reading this blog and get them thinking about this concept too.

I pray that our nation’s business “bail out” our government. I pray that You help spur a movement where businesses band together and contribute a percentage of their revenues to our nation’s debt and do it out of concern for our nation’s financial stability. To spare the nation of all the “How Tos and What Ifs,” maybe, Lord,  the only recognition would be the company name on a wall of honor.

There are many philanthropic organizations established by businesses. This seems to be an extension of that model. But, Lord, what do I know. I am just minor player in the huge game of government and politics. Nudge major players, niggle their minds with this concept and help push this minor player’s idea into a realistic concept.


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