From Procrastination to Completion

Day 35 Friday September 2, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on September 2, 2011

Date: Day 35 Friday September 2, 2011

Project Accomplishments: I decided to add fabric photos to the blog site and it took me forever to figure out how to place them in the order I wanted them. You can see them in the Image and Photo tab.

I figured out how to make my paper-piecing pattern for my large diamond area. The nine-diamond sample, made from extra cut diamonds worked like a charm. The points ALL matched. I am excited about that! Included is a picture of the sample. It is below the next paragraph and in the Phto tab.

Now that I know how to sew it, I will draw up the paper-piecing pattern for the large 36-diamond sections. Then I need to calculate how much water-soluble paper I need to order. I also need to order some Sew Line glue. After I finish the pattern and place the order, I will sew the center while waiting for the order. This evening, I did draw a full size pattern and printed it. Tomorrow I will test it to see if everything fits and sews correctly.

Books: Title: #6 Code to Zero — Author: Ken Follett — # of Discs: 9 — Listening Time: 9 hours 45 minutes — Comments:


Exercise:  Walked on treadmill for 0 minutes — walked around our cul-de-sac — 9 min


Observations: It is great when I can finally figure out how to do something.

Prayer: Lord, today I got up early. I can’t believe how little I have accomplished so far. But, I forgot to talk to you right at the start of the day. So here I am, asking for your guidance through the rest of the day so that it becomes productive and pleasing to you and to those around me.

Diversions: Today seemed a little disjointed. Perhaps it is safe to say that the blog about this project was a diversion today. I spent way too much time figuring out how to add fabric photos.


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