From Procrastination to Completion

Day 34 Thursday September 1, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on September 1, 2011

Date: Day 34 Thursday September 1, 2011

Project Accomplishments: Re-drew test large diamond pattern with jog in design layout. I tested pattern and need to adjust the jog because ¼” was not enough. Tested new pattern with ⅜” jog and that was perfect. Except that when I sewed the opposite angle, they no longer lined up! I kind of expected this. I tested 9 diamonds of the 36. I will work on this some more because I am pretty sure there is a solution.


Title: #6 Code to Zero — Author: Ken Follett — # of Discs: 9 — Listening Time: 9 hours 45 minutes — Comments:


Exercise:  Walked on treadmill for   0   minutes. 


Observations: It seems like I diddled some of today away.

Prayer: Lord, I ask you to bless my children and grand children with health and happiness. I ask you guide them so that they always contribute positively to society as a whole. Be with me today and guide my music practice and the work I do on my eleven-point star project. Nudge Liz to enter the apple recipe contest!

Diversions: I mailed my quilt to Houston first thing this morning. Then I worked on blog and then church music. I talked with middle sister, who is going to walk the Mackinaw Bridge this weekend. I put an embroidery software book together in a binder. Can you imagine, I had to number the pages because the company did not—but it does have a table of content? I have a quilt guild meeting tonight. I got home around 9:30. Then I copied my Meridian Band music to get it ready for next week.


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