From Procrastination to Completion

Day 18 Tuesday August 16, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

Date: Tuesday August 16, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  I worked on this blog. I spent a couple hours looking for a gray fabric that would complete the color graduation I hoped to achieve. I went to Country Stitches and found zip. Then I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and found a white and gray circle fat quarter print ($1.90). I liked the circle theme but I will have to dye it to achieve the background color I am looking for. Then I went to Everlasting Stitches, about ½ hour drive, and when I got to the door, there was a sign “Sorry for the inconvenience but I needed to go help someone with surgery pain.” This is forgivable but they have niches in which to look and in which I was hoping to find the perfect fabric so I was disappointed. Then I went to Mason, MI and talked to Janine at Yards of Fabric. She said grays were not popular now. I walked to Keans and Robin had nothing that would blend. Then I drove to Haslett, MI and visited Custom Quilts where I talked to Susan and found a print fabric in the right color range and bought a quarter yard ($2.12). The print is bolder than I would like, but the background is pretty good. Not to leave out any area stores, I went to Hobby Lobby but they did not have any fabric that worked. I purchased a couple Sharpie pens ($6.15) and went home. I washed the two small pieces I picked up.

Later I tested the floral print and decided that if I used it, I would fussy cut it as I have done with so many other templates. However, I did not have enough repeats in the ¼-yard cut. I then used textile ink (black only) to dye the gray circle design Jo-Ann fat quarter. I put the textile ink paste through a sieve to be sure there were no lumps. The fabric dyed fairly well although there were some light spots. I could work around those. I then began to add red accents within the circle designs using a Sharpie red permanent pen. I will continue that tomorrow and I quit working at 11:00 p.m..

Books:  Disc 20 of The Given Day (the last disc)

Exercise: I walked 5 minutes on the treadmill – Summary: with the three books I have listened to so far, I have now worked on this project for 52 hours 54 minutes plus any time while I was not listening to a book. I have been keeping a running log now for 17 days. That means that I have worked about a half hour each day – plus any time on computer or shopping for supplies. The three books so far had 46 discs and I potentially might have walked 3 hours and 50 minutes if I began this leg of my journey when I began this project. In the future, I will keep more accurate track of my walking.

Tools:  no new ones

Observations: It is almost never a successful to shop for a specific color or look of a fabric. I cannot tell how many times I have been disappointed in this endeavor.

Diversions: I helped set up PKG 101. In addition, I shopped for gray fabric. I made dinner.


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