From Procrastination to Completion

Day 29 Saturday August 27, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

 Date: Saturday August 27, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  I finished sewing the eleven narrow star points. I drew a paper-piecing pattern for large diamond parts. I finally signed up for a blog on wordpress.com and began learning how to set blog up.

Book:  Title: #5 Bridge of Sighs

Comments: disc 20 – disc 21

Now that I am finished with this book, I thought it was a good story about a small town and various families from that town. It had a number of sad parts that were not balanced with light moments. I thought it was interesting that I read consecutive books with a focus on artists.

Exercise:  Walked on treadmill for 10 minutes.

Tools:  no new ones


Prayer: You have revealed to me a beautiful, sunny day. May I always appreciate the beauty of nature. Others, today, are suffering from the threats that hurricane weather brings. Be with those people and assuage their distress.

Diversions: Practice church music in morning. Go to late afternoon departmental cookout.


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