From Procrastination to Completion

Day 24 Monday August 22, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

Date: Monday August 22, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  The new paper-piecing pattern worked great. It makes nice, crisp fine points all done by machine. I got the sample color order wrong and will examine if that is a good error but expect I will revert to original color order and number the colors to match the pattern numbers. Tomorrow I will slightly alter the pattern to include more alignment lines and print patterns. Then I can proceed with a chain sewing approach to get all eleven done.

Book:  Title: #5 Bridge of Sighs

Comments: disc 5 and part of disc 6

Exercise:  Walked on treadmill for 5 minutes … vacuumed

Tools:  No new ones

Observations:  It felt good to have the paper-piecing work.

Prayer: May my actions today be only to honor You and all with whom I come in contact.

Diversions: I did two loads of laundry and finished cleaning and rearranging studio. I also did some long-awaited mending.


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