From Procrastination to Completion

Day 17 Monday August 15, 2011

Posted by Beatrice on August 28, 2011

Date: Monday August 15, 2011

Project Accomplishments:  I now have the pieces of a sample star point (made up of diamonds) pinned up for observation. I continue to look at the fabrics I have auditioned to be sure they are pleasing combinations. I am not happy with the gray graduation from light to dark. I had a gray and red print on a neutral ground and decided to use a fabric dye pen to see what it would look like to darken the ground. The pen gray was a bit too blue and too dark. I also decided that inking each of the 22 diamonds would be too much work and that the color might not be uniform.

I do not have much of the fabric, about six inches by 42” wide so I would have to be careful cutting samples. I laid out the templates and determined that I had enough to cut my 22 pieces plus some extras for samples.

Since I did not like the dye pen results, I decided to use textile ink instead of a fabric pen. I mixed some black into white. I decided to dye the entire piece at one time. After the first textile ink application, I had the dye too light. In addition, even though the mix looked completely blended the white did not entirely mix. I got some light streaks in the fabric but I could cut around those. I decided to make the fabric darker and got it too dark. Then I bleached it to lighten it but the ink was set and the fabric did not lighten. I will look at again tomorrow but I think I am back to finding the right gray. On my samples, I enhanced the red in the print with a red pen and did like the result.

I also completed the blogging class on-line. I also wrote this material. I contacted my son about possibly hosting a blog. I always hesitate to ask him for help because he is busy with work and family.

Books:   I did not listen to disc 20, the last disc.

Exercise: I did not walk on treadmill.

Tools: FabricMate pigment fabric dye pen, Sakura Micron Pigma pen, Pro Chemical & Dye, Inc PROfab Textile Ink

Observations: I had to concentrate on selecting a gray color run so I could not listen and pay attention to discs. I liked the red pen on the gray ground. The red was subdued enough to blend in but add an element of interest. I was excited about using the textile ink but should have been more cautious about darkening the piece of fabric. I also learned that the white textile ink streaks would remain light. That impressed me because I thought they would blend with the dark on the wet fabric but once on the fabric, they did not.

Diversions: Laundry, I did five loads. Helped husband set up Fall Semester 2011 course material—


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